Subscription Terms & Conditions:

The advert will appear in the relevant directory/s and link directly to the Supplier’s website. Analytics data is available on request. We can only provide details of how many Unique Visitors we have had, not specifically how many people have clicked on the Supplier's directory link.

And so to Family can make no guarantees that sales will occur but does agree to fully support and promote the Supplier through and via social media. And so to Family are not responsible for any misprints in the advertisement, this is for the Supplier to check.

The Supplier can display the ‘featured on And so to Family’ badge on their website for the time that they are advertising, but this must be removed should the Supplier or And so to Family terminate the Subscription or at the end of the Subscription period.

The Supplier or And so to Family may terminate the Subscription at any time for any reason with 4 week notice. If the Supplier acts in a way that is not in accordance with And so to Family's ethos, we reserve the right to cancel the Suppliers subscription immediately.

The Subscription terms are as set out in the current Media Pack at the time of signing up to And so to Family.