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Pinky and Pug

'To chronicle the ramblings of two best friends attempting motherhood.'

We're two friends who became inseparable when we each had our baby boys in 2014. We've both just turned 30, and have been good friends since studying Psychology together at university. We don't take motherhood too seriously, we love our boys more than life itself but we're more interested in blogging about things we have learnt since becoming mothers, rather than personal accounts of ours and their lives.


I’m 34 and just about to become a mum for the first time, with a little girl due the day before I am due to start university in my first year. Can you tell that this little girl was not expected? 

 The biggest question I have had the past 7 months has been why don’t woman talk about the good, the bad, the ugly part of pregnancy and new-borns? This is something I want to know! 


Mum (2010) Wife and step mum (2011) Stepgrandma (2013) Mum again (2014) Stepgrandma again (2016) I’m 32 and ¾. Mum to 23, 20 and 1 year old daughters and a 5 year old son. Grandma to 2 girls aged 2 and 1 month. Then because my plate isn’t full enough I work as an assistant childminder. I think I do that so my house seems less chaotic after looking after 8 children that aren’t mine!


I am an easy going 27 year old who works as an account manager by day and a super dad by night. I enjoy socialising with my friends, playing and watching pretty much any sport and like to keep fit, although, all of these have somewhat taken a back burner since the arrival of beautiful little Betsy and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Hi, I’m Emma. I am everything from a new mum (gosh, it still feels weird saying that!) to a very undomesticated wife. Somewhere in between I’m a project manager, blogger and candle making enthusiast. The boring stuff? I’m 28, live in a little village near Leeds with my husband Dan, Noah and our cat Tabitha who has a penchant for getting hit by cars.

My everyday life is filled with very eclectic activities and rambling thoughts which often spill out onto social media. I’m always on the go! From baby massage, to testing out reflexology, buggy fit, taking Noah to help out at the local food bank - there is never an ‘everyday day’ in our household. I’m an avid supporter of peer support for new parenting and believe that any type of parenting blog is crucial to helping new parents navigate the tricky world of baby rearing.



I am a 32 year old, married woman who has recently got my first mortgage in London and a baby on the way!

I am an outgoing, practical and positive person.

I'm an expert brio train maker and am hoping to don my creative skills to make some homemade fine motor skill books and sensory play toys in time for baby’s arrival! 


Baby momma. Bilingual. Bold. Sometimes bewildered. Always blessed.  Learning how to blog and generally doing stuff starting with the letter “B”.  However it can be quite limiting…. I’m also a lawyer and a lover of things “art”.

I would like to make the world a better place but it is unlikely I will succeed, so I intend to waffle on about stuff and hope that someone better placed will crack on and do it in my honour.


My name is Iona, I am 36. I think that I used to be pretty cool, you know,  I had interests. I knew stuff that was cool, and could talk to other cool people and be just like them. I would say now, I am holding it together as a sort of normal person?  I think that I like this new version of me. Like an apple update that I had no choice about, things got changed. My sleeping patterns, my figure, my conversation, my ability to do anything one handed with one eye open, my bank balance, my choice in friends. The list does go on a bit.