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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Hospital bag

Preparing for your baby's arrival is very exciting and also sometimes a bit confusing. Working out what you actually need when there are so many products on the market and so much advice out there can be difficult. We're going to try to help you sift through all of this and get to the essentials.

Today we're discussing what to bring with your in your hospital bag for your labour. We have based our list on what you lovely ladies have said during a discussion in The ASTB Community. We've also added a few of our own and tried to cover most eventualities. Labour is always a unique and tricky thing to predict therefore it's best to be prepared. 

16 Hospital Bag Must-Haves:

1. Ipod and headphones

2. Phone and charger

3. Nighties - bring more than one as you may want to give birth in one and then will need a clean one for after baby has arrived

4. Food and drink - making up your own cordial with ice cubes in is a good idea, hospital water and food isn't always the best. Bring snacks for yourself and your partner. You may not feel like eating as you may be sick but it's important to have food there just in case.

5. Hair bobble - to keep your hair out of your face as it will annoy you!

6. Baby wipes/flannel 

7. Shampoo and shower gel

8. Moisturiser - hospital air can dry your skin out, after you've given birth and had a shower it's nice to be able to feel human again by moisturising. 

9. Going home clothes - whatever the time of year you will want to be comfortable so baggy clothes are a must. Flip flops are good for warm weather and leggings or joggers are good whatever the weather. 

10. Big pants - we were going to put this in with clothes but felt it needed a space of it's own! Whatever type of labour you have you are likely to feel sore in the pants/tummy region so big pants are a must, we're talking Bridget Jones style!

11. Deodorant

12. Toothbrush

13. Maternity pads - yes, those horrible big nappy like period pads, you'll need them from straight after birth as you lose a lot of blood. Most women bleed for around 2-8 weeks after giving birth, some for longer. 

14. Tens machine

15. Spare clothes/nightie in case you end up staying more than one night

16. Nipple cream - if you are breastfeeding you can get cracked or sore nipples very quickly. Having nipple cream in the hospital can help to prevent this. We really like Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream but there are lots of different ones available. 

We would welcome any comments of items we might have missed or things that you found useful during labour. Don't forget to comment with any questions you might have and if you're not already a member of The ASTB Community you can join here

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