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Sara's Story - Baby Bean

Sara's Story - Baby Bean

After all the drama and all the chaos, we finally got a date for our actual “dating scan” (a scan you get at the start of your pregnancy to determine how far along you are, and get more accurate dates). We would get to see baby bean again – a name that has stuck since I first saw the baby.

All went well at our next scan, although on the way to our scan with the motion sickness and the general morning sickness feeling we had to stop the car a couple of times due to feeling so ill! Morning sickness again is something I had not suffered from before.

By time we got to our next scan we actually found out we had jumped forward yet another week, putting us a day off 13 weeks! Which came as another shock. The baby was super wriggly, I’ve never seen a baby at such an early stage move so much. I almost felt the sonographer was getting a little frustrated.

The clot caused by the other baby, was completely gone, and I’ve had no more problems, or spotting since then. It seemed very final to know that nothing now existed where another baby had began to grow, but I am relieved that this baby is OK. We have this baby. There will always be questions, and 'what if’s in my mind. If we find out what the sex of this baby is I’m sure I’ll also wonder if they would have been the same or different.

Along with other symptoms for the last 3 months, I’ve had tender breasts, a lot of tiredness, restless legs, which has been awful with trying to sleep. The pregnancy glow I got with my previous pregnancies doesn’t seem to be making an appearance. I do however seem to be suffering hormonal breakouts of spots fairly regularly at the moment, what a joy!

My bump has been showing since around 6 weeks, a lot sooner than I was showing with my previous two. This means I’ve been in maternity jeans since around 10 weeks. I used the good old hairband trick on my trousers to begin with; anyone else done this? or am I alone here?

Cravings seem to vary, but salted crisps are one, along with bourbon biscuits, pickled onions – I know very cliche. I’m drinking a lot more water than I normally do too.

Now that we have covered the first trimester hopefully blog posts will continue with a more positive nature. When I have my next check I shall be sure to update you all on progress. We’ve had our 20 week scan appointment for this week which is just before my birthday so it’ll be a nice birthday present. See you all again with new updates soon. 

Sara xoxo

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