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Banana Launcher

Today is one of those ‘falling through parenting day’s. I call them this because it literally feels like no matter how organised you try to be or how nicely you ask, you are just not going to get the playgroup that starts at 9:30. Ha! Even if it was PM I think we would struggle to be on time!

Good Days Are Rare But They Exist!

Yesterday I woke up and Noah was in a lovely (not argumentative) mood, his cup was full of love because I left his bedroom gate open so he could go and cuddle nanny when he woke up. This made a huge difference to his happiness, more so than I realised. He was cuddly and helpful and generally a breath of fresh air compared to his usual morning self.  It kicked the day off to a calm start, which is very needed in our house.

Get Them Outside!

When toddlers get too much to handle and the living room feels like it is shrinking, it is tough to think of ways to  keep them entertained, especially when it hasn't stopped raining! Thankfully I remembered we have a lovely little green trail near our house. It's one of those places that you always enjoy more than you realise and end up saying classic lines like; "Why don't we do this more often" and "I always forget this exists". I drive past it every single day, usually several times and noticed recently that it is suddenly been overwhelmed with blackberries! 

Mummy Mantras

Sometimes motherhood can test your patience, and push your frustration levels to their absolute limits. During these moments I rely on my ‘Mummy Mantras’- things I can say to myself to ease the burden, and remind me that it won’t always be this way. If you’re having one of those days (or nights), stay strong and I hope these help in some small way.