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Do you ever have those little moments?  The moments where you catch you breath.  A few moments between the everyday hustle and bustle and juggle that is life.  It can be hard to notice them when your attention is elsewhere.  Work, feeding the kids, signing permission slips, doing the laundry, mentally writing seven different to-do lists.  Then there’s answering every random question your kid throws at you, and being the keeper of all the knowledge, from where the Lego head with the frowny face is, to the names of all the paw patrol pups.  But if you stop and look you will see the moments.

Pregnancy Shaming

We have fat shaming, slut shaming, mum shaming, body shaming and who knew but there is even pregnancy shaming. It seems there will always be someone there to attack your insecurities, and this is normally done with the whole wide world watching. With the unkind keyboard warriors on social media, some even justify their harsh comments as being in the best intention for the receiver, a gentle push in the right direction. 

Say Hello To The Newest Addition To Our Blogging Team...Vicki!

Say Hello To The Newest Addition To Our Blogging Team...Vicki!

Vicki Cockerill aka NICU mum of two including a TOF heart warrior, talking all things NICU, heart, parent, maternal mental health and finding any excuse for a gin!

Vicki is an amazing writer, blogger and online journalist and we are lucky enough to have her as part of the ASTF team! Yey!

Good Days Are Rare But They Exist!

Yesterday I woke up and Noah was in a lovely (not argumentative) mood, his cup was full of love because I left his bedroom gate open so he could go and cuddle nanny when he woke up. This made a huge difference to his happiness, more so than I realised. He was cuddly and helpful and generally a breath of fresh air compared to his usual morning self.  It kicked the day off to a calm start, which is very needed in our house.

Halfway There!

I realise my last posting may have sounded quite negative so I want to assure any readers that I am truly happy to be pregnant. I’m not going to blame it on any pregnancy related hormones because I think us women have the right to shout up when side effects make us feel crappy and I was just being honest but of course there’s not a moment I don’t feel special that this little human has chosen to grow inside me.