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We have a sizeable collection of toy cars in our house.  Between the age of 2 and 5 playing cars was the big one’s favourite thing to do.  If he wasn’t playing cars, he was watching Cars.  I have to say I was a little sad when Lego took over his affections for Lightening McQueen and the gang.  I have nothing against Lego, it just seemed like the end of an era for toys he had loved for so long.

Say Hello To The Newest Addition To Our Blogging Team...Vicki!

Say Hello To The Newest Addition To Our Blogging Team...Vicki!

Vicki Cockerill aka NICU mum of two including a TOF heart warrior, talking all things NICU, heart, parent, maternal mental health and finding any excuse for a gin!

Vicki is an amazing writer, blogger and online journalist and we are lucky enough to have her as part of the ASTF team! Yey!

Boob Out And Singing Moana

Yesterday I achieved the impossible. I took Noah and Winnie out all day by myself to London. We went to my beautiful friend Emma’s house to play with her little ones. This part was fine, traffic on the M25 sucked but both babies slept for the worst of it so I got a few minutes to sing along to grown up songs instead of Moana on repeat. 

Banana Launcher

Today is one of those ‘falling through parenting day’s. I call them this because it literally feels like no matter how organised you try to be or how nicely you ask, you are just not going to get the playgroup that starts at 9:30. Ha! Even if it was PM I think we would struggle to be on time!

Week’s 14 – 17: Navigating Sleep Deprivation And Complicated Clothing

As I write this, I wonder how many people might be wondering whether I’m actually fit to be a mother. You see another genuine reason I haven’t wanted kids for so long is that I LOVE my sleep. I have felt too selfish to be deprived of it and absolutely no baby (not even the iconic Athena poster of the man and baby that resurfaced in my mum’s last house move) has wavered that need to catch my ZZZs. 

A List of Things I Proudly Declared BC…

I used to spend hours thinking, plotting and watching. I would watch others parent their children and think how I would do it differently. I observed as people’s toddlers had tantrums, the arched back laying on the floor type, and smugly think how my child would never do that. I would be calm, collected and take motherhood in my stride. Ha… I declared all this to my friends and family who already had children. They all nodded and smiled. Bless you all for being encouraging, you must have wanted to scratch my eyes out.

So here is what my confident and cocky list looked like…

Christmas Babies

This weeks post is short and sweet, we're on the hunt for the cutest Christmas babies! We want you to post a picture of your baby, however young or old, dressed up and looking festive either on our post or via our Facebook page.  We will share a selection of the best dressed, Christmas cuties next week. Spread that festive feeling...

6 Things I Don't Have Time For Now I'm A Parent

People - now perhaps that sounds harsh. I don't mean all people, I just mean most people. You know there are those people in your life that you accumulate as you go along that don't really add anything to it, they're just there. I don't have time for those people. And I don't have time for the people that just randomly want to chat about shit when you're stood in a queue at the Drs or while you're trying to pay for petrol. I don't have time for those nobhead mums who think it's appropriate to constantly compare and evaluate every aspect of their child and yours. And most of all, I don't have time for non-parents who want to talk about how great it is not having children and the fact that you now look so tired all of the time. The people I do have time for are very small in number: my partner, my kids, some of my family and a very select group of friends that I can stand being around after having only three hours sleep in two days. This might sound like the ramblings of a very grumpy, over tired mum, and it is, that doesn't mean it's not true. Having kids has made me realise - most people are twats. And I don't have time for twats. I'm so grateful to my kids for meaning I only have amazing lovely people left in my life.