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Our First Family Holiday. Travelling With A 9 Month Old.

It has taken me so long to publish this that our holiday was now nearly 2 months ago but I am hoping it is of some help to those of you who still have lovely holidays to look forward to! 

I have to be honest and say when time drew closer to us going on holiday I began getting nervous and thought it may be a really bad idea! What if it was just really hard work?!

Top 4 Items To Soothe Teething Pain

I think you will all agree with me when I say teething SUCKS! Our poor little mites are turned into dribbley, grumpy little humans who no longer want to sleep, eat or generally be happy about anything. It must be horrendous having to cut all those teeth but on a totally selfish note, I also feel for all us sleep deprived mombies who will pretty much try anything to take our babies pain away (and get some much needed sleep in the process!).

Baby Essentials, Extras & Useless Crap

When you are pregnant for the first time, there is an overwhelming list of endless products that you simply ‘must have’ if you are to survive parenthood.  Some of these are really essential, but many are at best personal preference, and at worst just clever marketing ploys.  Second time around I’m treating myself to a few extras that I didn’t have last time, that I wish I had – and like the true hoarder I am (sorry dear husband), I’ve kept everything from the first time anyway, so our house now resembles Mothercare.