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Ellen's Update - The Story So Far

Things have been a bit crazy since my last blog - apologies in advance this one is rather long!

We started our antenatal classes which were ‘interesting’. The classes themselves were very informative but I went with high hopes to bond with other parents as so many of my friends have told me they’ve done through NCT (not an option where I live) only to find the listening parts were so long, everyone just wanted to shoot off home for tea straight afterwards.

Halfway There!

I realise my last posting may have sounded quite negative so I want to assure any readers that I am truly happy to be pregnant. I’m not going to blame it on any pregnancy related hormones because I think us women have the right to shout up when side effects make us feel crappy and I was just being honest but of course there’s not a moment I don’t feel special that this little human has chosen to grow inside me.

Week’s 14 – 17: Navigating Sleep Deprivation And Complicated Clothing

As I write this, I wonder how many people might be wondering whether I’m actually fit to be a mother. You see another genuine reason I haven’t wanted kids for so long is that I LOVE my sleep. I have felt too selfish to be deprived of it and absolutely no baby (not even the iconic Athena poster of the man and baby that resurfaced in my mum’s last house move) has wavered that need to catch my ZZZs. 

Meet: Ellen

Hello! I'm Ellen, I'm 36 years young (in denial) and to date, my parental skills have stretched to being 'mum' to my beautiful horse who I've owned since her birth.....she's now 20 so I'm telling myself I'm doing something right! I also have joint custody of the family dog Scamp, because both my mum and I love him too much to let the other one have him full time : )