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2nd Trimester

2nd Trimester

Congratulations! You have made it to the 2nd trimester! This is the time to relax, get to know this little person growing inside you and start thinking about everything to do with the baby! I loved this part of pregnancy! Not only was it now easier to tell people, but also I started to see and feel pregnant too.

This is also the trimester where you should see all those first trimester pregnancy symptoms ease. The sickness and nausea should subside and this may also be the time when you choose to tell people that you are pregnant!

So what happens between weeks 14-28?

  • You will see your midwife twice in this time. Once at 16 weeks and again at 25 weeks. Both appointments will include checking how you and the baby are. Your midwife will ask how you are feeling, will check the your urine and blood pressure. If you have any concerns or questions, these are the times to speak to your midwife. No question will be a silly question, so make sure you speak up!

  • You will also get a scan between 18-22 weeks. This is your mid-pregnancy scan, marking the halfway point in your pregnancy! Hooray! This is also when you can find out the sex of your baby if you choose to. You can find out sooner if you pay for a private scan from 16 weeks. We have chosen not to find out the sex of our baby. Neither my husband or I wanted to know and have decided we want a surprise. It is fun trying to see if any of the old wives tales are accurate.

  • You will start showing! Your bump should grow from the size of a nectarine to an aubergine! This is exciting as well as slightly frustrating with having to invest in a new wardrobe! I’m lucky that I am able to wear anything to work. I have found that ASOS, H&M and Ebay have been lifesavers in finding anything from everyday comfortable clothing to outfits for special occasions.

AndreaArch , Etsy
  • You will start to feel your baby kicking! This is a magical feeling! This can happen anytime between 16-23 weeks, so look out for little flutter feelings. It can be hard to pinpoint them, especially in a first pregnancy. I first felt mine at 21 weeks.To me it felt like a muscle twitch! And from then they got stronger and more regular! Connecting with your baby, especially when they are moving as this will help release oxytocin and help you bond with your unborn baby.
  • Symptoms you may have during the 2nd trimester:

* cramps - legs, hips and menstrual

* headaches

* varicose veins

* weight gain

* heartburn

* skin changes

* congestion

* hair growth

If anything feels unusual then do go and see your midwife or GP.

This is the best time to take a babymoon too. You should be feeling a lot better and airlines don’t tend to put restrictions in place until women are 28 weeks pregnant. Please always check with an airline before you fly what their policy is on flying when pregnant. You may need to get a letter saying you are ‘fit to fly’ from your doctor.

Always take into account where you are travelling to as well. Take into consideration flight time (and wear a pair of those gorgeous compression socks!), the climate when you get there and also what food will be available (and if you understand menus to know if you are able to eat the produce). You also need to look into your travel insurance too, making sure you get one that covers pregnancy and remember to take your maternity note with you too.

We took a trip to Puglia, Italy in July (when I was 22 weeks pregnant). We stayed in a traditional Trulli and spent the week exploring the region and lazing around on beaches. It was perfect, with only a 3 hour flight and plenty of pizza and pasta to eat! It is also very untouched too with beautiful architecture and weather. It remained 30-35 degrees all week (luckily we had a pool where we were staying).

You can also start thinking now about the equipment to buy, antenatal classes and baby names - very exciting! Enjoy this trimester!

Written by Adeline

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